The 2009 National Education & Sports Tour wants to come to your high school for a seminar on "The College Recruiting Process"...CALL TODAY to schedule the seminar...LIMITED DATES Available!

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v   Various opportunities to work on different active roles focused on producing a great event to be interactive with the audience.

v   Host schools can contribute as little as 2 hours a week or as much as 20 hours per month, as part of a committee to help promote the event in-house and in the community.

v   Grassroots marketing involves canvassing, door-to-door petitioning, or distributing information throughout neighborhoods in your community.

v   We need as many volunteers as possible to help promote the message of opportunity

v   Volunteers are need for set-up and break down of equipment, stage, and working with various media

v   Great for theater departments to design stage designs for the presentation (contact for details).  We may use spot lights and we have sound equipment that needs to be monitored.


If you have additional ideas or concepts that will assist in our promotion of the seminar, let us know what you have in mind.  Our ultimate objective is to be able to offer patrons that we come across the professionalism in promoting the seminar and educating the community on how they can show their support of education and sports.


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