Meet Jared Brabham

Jared Brabham is currently a junior at Temple University. Graduating high school in 2006, Jared lettered in football, basketball, indoor and outdoor track, as well as baseball.  Coming out of high school, Jared earned Newark Star-Ledger Second Team All-Monmouth County and First Team Shore Conference All-Federal Division honors in 2005 for Long Branch High School.  Jared was also an Asbury Park Press Third Team All-Shore and Jersey Sports News Second Team All-State honoree.  As a senior Jared helped his team to an 8-3 overall record, starting both ways as an offensive tackle and defensive tackle.  He compiled 51 tackles, eight for losses, three sacks, one forced fumble and three batted balls his senior season.  As a junior, Jared posted 71 tackles, eight for losses, seven sacks, two forced fumbles, and one interception.  Upon graduation, Jared also received the Navy Student of the year award.


After high school Jared made his way to Temple University to play football for head coach Al Golden.  Shortly after becoming an owl, Jared knew he had a great deal of interest in the sports industry, which drove him into Temple’s School of Tourism and Hospitality.  Jared is currently a Sports and Recreation Management Major planning to complete the program in the spring of 2010.  Upon graduation, he plans to launch a career in professional athletics in operations/event planning. 


Prior to becoming an intern at PSTC, Jared had been very hands on trying to achieve his goal of having a career in operations by being an active member if the NAACP where   he serves on the event planning committee.  Also in his sophomore year, Jared was enrolled in an event planning class where he gained a tremendous background in the world of operations.  During this course he shadowed the event coordinator for Temple Basketball and even ventured to plan his own 3 on 3 basketball tournament to raise money for the Boys and Girls Club of Philadelphia.  Jared had also been a volunteer in a number of events in the past year, including, but not limited to, the 2008 Special Olympics, the 2008 Global Fusion Fest and the 2008 Relay for Life.


Getting hands on experience and knowledge in the industry as well as being a student-athlete has given Jared the focus, drive and knowledge to be a solid new addition to the PSTC staff.  As a PSTC intern Jared plans to have a positive effect on athletes both on and off the field to prepare them for the next level of learning.  At PSTC Jared will focus much of his time on the Opportunity Campaign in efforts to help get more of Philadelphia’s student-athletes into college.


Meet Joi Brown

For as long as Joi Brown could remember school as always been an essential part of my life.  In her household, education was always taught or even drilled in her head to do well in it.  At the age of five, she became involved in karate that taught her discipline and helped her learn how to defend herself.  During her elementary years, Joi learned the importance of doing well in school that led her to many awards and earned grades that would soar against the others.  At the young age of eleven, she became a junior black belt which is one of her greatest achievements. 


As she moved on to junior high school she was placed in one of the more advanced classes of seventh grade because of her performance in elementary.  During this year, Joi joined the junior high cheering team, the concert band, Chinese fan dancing and continued karate while staying on top of her studies.  These accomplishments and activities helped her learn to manage her time and strive for proficiency in everything she wanted to do. 


In the summers throughout high school she worked a program called the Mayor’s Youth

Leadership Institute where she developed successful leadership skills to make me become a better

person, learned the importance of team work, determination, and school work and practiced public

speaking and learned about the successful way to enter college.  After completing the program she

went back to the program to be a Program Assistant in order to help youth in the same way she was

trained in the previous years.


Throughout high school Joi carried along her values that she developed by continuing with cheerleading, competing locally and on a national level, keeping her grades up, and soon finished high school with a 3.0 and was able to attend to Temple University.  During her first two years at Temple she was an undecided Business Major still confused on what her purpose in this major was.  After over hearing about the Sports and Recreation Management program she realized that that was her calling and a program that would be of more meaning to her.  Getting into her core classes developed stronger ideas on what she wants to pursue in life and has helped in shaping her career development.  This summer she was able to volunteer at the 2008 Olympic Trials and participate in what goes when carrying out an event like that.  The experience was great because she was involved in a sport that she grew up watching and was able to be part of the media after the gymnastic trials were over. 


Becoming an intern with the PSTC will have a great impact on Joi’s development as business woman and give her an experience that will contribute to her career goals.  Growing up being an athlete and doing well in school gave me edges over others and can give students that same edge.  The PSTC supports student-athletes and tries to encourage them to do well in school and their desired sport.  Joi wants to be able to also help students learn the importance because she understands that it will only help as it has in her life.



Meet Melisa Baez

Since I was five years old, I have been participating in all types of sports. I have three brothers, one older and two younger, who I played on the same baseball little league teams with. When I got to the 4th grade, I stopped playing baseball and joined a softball league. In 5th grade I made the Lancaster Recreation Tornado basketball traveling team. In middle school (Lancaster Country Day), I continued playing softball and basketball and went on to play one year of tennis and two years of field hockey. Throughout High School (Lancaster Country Day), I played three sports every year. I stopped playing softball and tried out for the soccer team, and continued to play basketball and field hockey. In 2004, at the end of my High School career, I was awarded four varsity basketball letters, three varsity field hockey letters, two soccer varsity letters, and was awarded female athlete of the year senior year. For a couple of years, Lancaster Country Day hosted the 76ers basketball camp. I coached at the camp for three years working with boys and girls from the ages 9-12.


I began my college career at Philadelphia University where I had the opportunity to train with the women’s basketball team in the off season. I transferred to the community college of Philadelphia, which prevented me to play for the Philadelphia University team. From CCP, I transferred to Temple University. I am currently a 5th year senior at Temple University finishing a degree in Sports and Recreational Management and plan to graduate August 2009. I continue to participate in recreation teams such as, volleyball and basketball. I also volunteer around the Philadelphia area with sporting events, for example: Penn Relays and H.S basketball tournaments. I am also part of the Sports and Recreation Professional Association at Temple University, which gives us the opportunity to network with major professionals in the Sports Industry around the Philadelphia area. Through the sport and recreation program at temple university, as a class project, I was able to program an under the lights flag football game for temple students. It was a successful event to help promote Temple’s Football game vs. Penn State. Over the summer I was able to intern for Princeton University’s Conference Services and Events Staff where I was able to run major events and programs at Princeton’s campus. I worked with a variety of groups such as, sports camps, concerts, educational programs, conferences, and workshops. After working at this internship, I realized that I have grown to have a new passion in event planning. I had a great opportunity working at the university and now I am hoping to take everything I learned and use it in the sports industry. One of my life goals is to assist in the planning of March Madness and the football and basketball drafts.


One of the advantages of playing multiple sports throughout my life is that I was able to grow as a person and develop many skills that will assist me in my career. I learned that by playing sports a student can develop certain leadership skills as well as the determination to succeed. I noticed the effects of playing sports and what that did to a student. One of my goals in life is to help educate the importance and effects of staying active and participating in athletics. Whether the effects are physical or physiological, the effects of participating in athletics are positive for any individual. If students are participating in athletics and taking the skills that they learn from on the fields, imagine what they can do when they take those skills and put them to use in the classrooms. The opportunity needs to be there for the student athletes to improve their skills, and I feel as though PSTC is providing that opportunity to the student athletes.












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