The SACT Program is the Student Athlete Counseling and Tutoring Program. Every student-athlete who participates in an athletic training program is eligible for Academic Counseling and Tutoring.  For every hour of athletic training, a student receives an hour of educational counseling.  The SACT program strives to give each of our athletes’ educational training that will help them in high school, college and beyond. 

The mission of the SACT Program is to help students of all ages and levels achieve their academic potential.  Educational success is paramount at PSTC and each and every tutor is dedicated to help every child achieve educational success.  At Philadelphia Sports Training Center we believe that every child should have the opportunity to attend college.  The SACT Program provides that opportunity to every student who is a member of PSTC by giving all student-athletes the appropriate resources, including materials, experience, and tutors.    

 The SACT Program will…

Ultimately, the SACT Program provides student-athletes with both resources and caring dedicated individuals that will help them not only succeed in high school but also help them attend and succeed in college and in their adult life.  While athletics may open the door to college, education will open the door to many more opportunities throughout a person’s life.  The SACT program strives to give every child the opportunity to go to college and to succeed in college. At Philadelphia Sports Training Center we teach children the importance of both academics and athletics.