Dear Principals:

Philadelphia Sports Training Center provides student-athletes with a place to train, learn and relax after school.  The athletic facilities consists of a full size weight-room, basketball court, four lane indoor track, and turf field among many other sports-related amenities.  In addition to athletic training, equipment and facilities, PSTC also offers academic training, equipment and facilities in a program called SACT, or Student-Athlete Counseling and Tutoring Program.   The SACT Program is equipped with classrooms, a computer lab, resource/library room, and career development & placement center.  The SACT Program offers many services to our student-athletes including one-on-one tutoring, help with homework, academic monitoring and support, SAT Prep courses & practice tests, and NCAA collegiate recruiting services.  In addition to athletic and academic training, PSTC also has a student-athlete lounge where students can watch TV and hang out with fellow student-athletes instead of roaming the streets.  This program is the pioneer to open other training centers that cater to student-athletesí academic needs as well as athletic. 

The well being of our student-athletes and your school students is of our highest concern.  At Philadelphia Sports Training Center we emphasize the importance of a sound body, mind and soul.  We emphasize the importance of education and of attending college directly after high school.  The graduation rate currently is at 41% for the Philadelphia School District.  Our hope is to increase that to at least 80-90% within the next 3 years.  The PSTC is not just filled with athletic trainers, but we are teachers, mentors, and counselors.  Student-athletes who participate in the programs offered at PSTC become better students, better athletes, and better people to be able become more effective leaders.

All Student-Athletes, regardless of age, level, or ability, are welcome to join the PSTC and the SACT Program.  Student-Athletes, parents, teachers, principals and anyone else who takes a strong interest in the lives of our youth are encourage to schedule a time to take a tour of the training facility and meet our staff.   

Many public post-secondary schools have negative publicity regarding graduation rates and attendance of students.  We would promote a more positive image of the public school system through a variety of sources that allow others to understand the investment of encouraging student-athletes to train academically and athletically.  Parents want the best for their children and children want the best in their lives.  Now is the time to encourage your student-athletes that you want the best for their families and themselves.

Yours in Training,

Maine Prince