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Mastermind Peer Group


Tired of running your company alone?

You need a trusted group of advisors, like having your own Board of Directors, who’ll help you make good decisions how to grow your business & make more money. You can belong to a small group of compatible business owners in a regularly structured support group discussing & solving your issues.  Mastermind Peer Group (MPG) can help!


It’s About Tough Decisions & Results!

Every business owner or principal can benefit from a personal board of advisors that meets on a regular basis. Today’s business executive face increasingly difficult challenges. Competition is fierce, resources are stretched, and every day it gets tougher. It is lonely running your company yourself and making every decision without the benefit and input from other people who face the same challenges as you do. Now you can tap into the ideas and wisdom of a small group of success driven entrepreneurs in a professionally lead ongoing board of director’s style setting. As a member of an ongoing Professional Services Peer Group, you’ll generate fresh thinking, new ideas and clear perspectives on decisions you need to make.


Take Time For Coaching & Planning!

By becoming a MPG member, you’ll get together with a group of business owners, principals and officers from 10-12 other companies for peer-to-peer accountability, support and direction. Members participate in monthly full day meetings divided between business training, coaching, mentoring, and action plan accountability. You’ll work together in a trusted confidential forum and discuss how to get your business to work, grow & profit.  You’ll get a one on one in-person meeting with Maine Prince once per month.  There will be a bi-monthly conference call update.  Members will have access to an exclusive communication group on social media for interaction and discussion on progress.


Peer Groups Build Accountability & Trusted Relationships!

It’s a stressful job being the boss and being objective discussing all your important business issues with managers, employees, friends and family. These roundtable peer groups are designed to allow each member to share their problems, issues or challenges, and then ask for advice and get candid input. By being open, each member can get to the heart of their business problems, be open to new ideas, get unbiased advice and make necessary changes to meet their goals. You’ll receive direct honest feedback and develop action plans you can immediately implement to build and grow your business.


Do you qualify for this once in a lifetime opportunity?

Maine Prince is forming ongoing Professional Services peer groups comprised of qualified like-minded business owners who meet regularly to mentor, learn, get advice and grow. You’ll get real answers and develop relationships with other company owners and principals who face similar challenges as you. There will only be a few of these exclusive groups facilitated by Maine Prince, so sign-up fast!



PMG is the growing leader in excellence in preparation and organization to assist clients with their path to success.  We help you reach your goals and attain your milestones that contribute to your bottom-line.  Together we can exceed your expectations and provide value to your business, organization, or personal assets.


PMG is passionate about working with people by offering the advice and development you need to succeed while doing the right thing in tough times.