Dear Parents:

 Philadelphia Sports Training Center is the nation's only sports training center to combine Athletics and Academics.  I am the director and co-founder of the SACT (Student-Athlete Counseling and Tutoring) Program.  As a former All-American soccer player, as well as, an Academic All-American, I not only know what it takes to be successful both athletically and academically but, I have the experience to back up the knowledge.  I attended Moravian College in Bethlehem, PA where I graduated with honors and earned two Bachelors of Arts Degrees, one in Psychology and the other in Sociology.  As the director of the SACT Program, I am dedicated to serving all children so that they too may experience success not only in athletics but also in academics.


The SACT Program is designed to give all students the necessary attention and resources to succeed academically.  All Student-Athletes who participate in an athletic training program will be encouraged to spend the same amount of time taking part in the SACT Program as they do athletic training.  Academic tutoring will be mandatory for all students who hold a GPA under that which the training center requires.  The job of the academic tutor is comprehensive.  Tutors work to ensure student-athletes have the appropriate resources to succeed academically. They offer one-on-one tutoring for all student-athletes. Academic tutors work to keep student-athletes academically eligible to participate in their respective seasonal sport.  Our goal is to have all of our student-athletes attend college and therefore provide all student-athletes with the information they need to allow them to play sports in college.  The SACT program aspires to ensure that every student-athlete who graduates while in the program is academically eligible to participate in intercollegiate athletics.   The SACT Program also offers a SAT Prep course for our senior and junior student-athletes complimentary as part of the SACT Program.  The SACT Program wants every child to understand the importance of education.  We want every child who trains at Philadelphia Sports Training Center to be just as strong academically as they are athletically.  While athletics may be a vehicle to higher education when in high school, for many student-athletes, higher education is a vehicle to a successful and more rewarding life after college.


All Student-Athlete ages 12 - 18, are welcomed to join the SACT Program individually as well as part of an athletic training program.  Student-Athletes, along with there parents, are encourage to schedule a time for a consultation regarding placement into our program.  At this time, students and parents will receive information about our athletic programs, but they will also have a chance become familiarized with our academic classrooms, resource room and computer lab.  As with the “athletic” training program, the academic training program will also conduct an evaluation to assess basic math, reading and comprehension skills.  This evaluation is simply a starting point to better understand each student’s individual needs. 

Yours in Training,

Justina Prince

Director of SACT Program


"The time is now to get started.  Collegiate student-athlete advisors prefer students who show strong academics throughout their entire high school career. Over 90% of acceptances to offer participation at any level require student-athletes to show a progression throughout high school.  Let us be the key to “start your engines” thinking!"