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You've now taken the first step in supporting Opportunity for Student-Athletes.  By clicking on the link to donate, you are inquiring how you can make a financial contribution to this unique, well-needed, direct contact Scholastic Campaign set to reach every high school in the county of Philadelphia.  In order to reach the student-athletes, we need to have financial commitment from passionate people like you that want to help improve the quality of life for student-athletes and get them on the right path to success.


Please fill out the donation form below to have you, your family, or your company be recognized for the contribution that you would like to make.  Its because of great people like yourself is what encourages the student-athletes to know that more and more people want to see them grow.



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A Payment Page will appear once you click on the button, "Donate to Opportunity"

All payments made online are through our secured website from PayPal using a credit card, check card, or wire transfer.


*PLEASE NOTE*  There is a 3.25% finance charge on all credit card payments assessed on the total amount of your donation.


Payment arrangements can only be made on the Platinum or Gold Level donation.  If you would like to make payment arrangements, please click here.














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