Dear Parents:

 Philadelphia Sports Training Center is the first and only training center to combine Athletics and Academics.  I am the director and co-founder of the SACT (Student-Athlete Counseling and Tutoring) Program.  As a former All-American soccer player, as well as, an Academic All-American soccer player, I not only know what it takes to be successful both athletically and academically but I have the experience to back up the knowledge.  I attended Moravian College in Bethlehem, PA where I graduated with honors and earned two Bachelors of Arts Degrees, one in Psychology and the other in Sociology.  As the director of the SACT Program, I am dedicated to serving all children so that they to may experience success not only in athletics but also in academics.

As times change and the world we live in is becoming more complicated and hectic, the world that our children live in is also becoming increasingly more challenging and demanding. Guidance Counselors in schools around the country are seeing more students with a multitude of different problems and issues. The recommended counselor-to-student ratio, according to American School Counselor Association (ASCA), is 1:250. In other words, 1 counselor is responsible for the over-all well-being of 250 students. Most people feel that having one counselor for 250 students is not sufficient. Be this as it may, the ration of 1:250 is ideal and in most schools, the number of students a counselor is responsible for exceeds 250.  Let our program assist in the academic development of your most precious assets….your children.  We have a 1:30 ratio for counseling & tutoring to better monitor and attend to each athletes needs.

At Philadelphia Sports Training Center, we not only make student-athletes better athletes and students, but we also look out for there emotional and personal well-being. The SACT Program consists of academic tutors as well as guidance counselors to ensure that every child who passes through these doors leaves in better shape physically, emotionally, and academically. Counselors wear many different hats and can be used to assist in many different situations. In addition to dealing with emotional, social, personal, and academic issues, counselors will also assist helping junior and senior high school students apply and gain exposure to colleges. Counselors will help with the recruiting process to insure that each student-athlete has the best opportunity to attend the school of his or her choice and receive a scholarship, either academic or athletic, to that college or university.  Our promise is that 100% of our student-athletes will be given the opportunity to be recruited by many of the over 800 universities that offer athletic scholarships.  Academic scholarships will be applied for on a monthly basis pending each student-athletes grade-point-average.

All Student-Athletes, regardless of age, level, or ability, are welcome to join the SACT Program.  Student-Athletes, along with there parents, are encourage to schedule a time to take a tour of the training facility.  At this time, students and parents will not only tour and receive information about our athletic programs, but they will also have a chance to tour our academic classrooms, resource room and computer lab.  For every hour of athletic training, student-athletes also receive an hour of counseling and tutoring.  Student-athletes and counselors will work together to get the results that the students want and need.

You are encouraged to contact our office to discuss your referrals into our program or to open the lines of communication.  We would hope that constant communication is the key to ensure current updated information regarding current student-athletes or prospects.  We look forward to working with you to be able to better service your student-athletes.

Yours in Training,

Maine Prince