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Costs are determined separately for individual and group or sports consulting products. Individual fees are determined by a sliding scale based on income, school-business-organization budget, program duration and type of event.  Sports Consulting costs are based on a thorough needs assessment and determined accordingly. We pride ourselves on bringing these services to those who might not normally have access to them (even some professional athletes donít). We remain flexible with our fees and encourage inquiries about services.


Scheduling an appointment is the first step.  Hopefully you've taken some time to preview the website information and are ready to take the next step in obtaining a positive rewarding life.  After you make your appointment, you should keep your appointment and arrive on time to receive the maximum amount of time to determine your situation and allow a PSTC counselor to propose a strategy.  Then PSTC will conclude the consultation by giving you a deadline to receive your costs and at that time you'll understand the value of your sports counseling.  The value of Sports Consulting is in the accomplishments that you want to gain.  Remember this, "If you always keep doing the things you've always been doing - then you'll always get the things you've always been getting!" Change your life-change your future-costs versus value is just change.