Donate to Opportunity

From a seed a child is born, the seed of a plant grows into a farm to feed a nation, from one brick a home is built, and you should know that your small donation is a drop of water into the ocean that will inspire education among student-athletes as we come together in “Building the Future of Sports.”


Thank you for taking the first step in learning how you can help by clicking on the donation link.  Now it’s up to you to take the next step in filling out the information below and making your financial contribution.  More importantly, contact our office to see how you can volunteer or encourage your employer and friends to join the movement.


Take a moment and think about what you can do.  If you give just a minimum of $5 towards our campaign, that will be added together with others to make sure that student-athletes, parents, coaches, and athletic directors get the information to help families improve their quality of life.




Sign Our Petition

A call to action means that we call on you to act on your support for student-athletes.  Our goal is to achieve 100,000 online petition signatures throughout this 10-month campaign.  Yes, that’s about 10,000 signatures per month.  But the only way we can do that, is if you act on your opportunity to support Education & Sports.  You also can leave a message for others to know why you support the Opportunity for Student-Athletes Campaign.  This is a need for the community, the neighborhoods, and the city to rally together to do something as simple as just saying, “I support Education & Sports because …”



Volunteer for Opportunity

The primary resource of our grassroots campaign is the efforts of the citizens of the city of Philadelphia.  We follow the African Proverb, “It takes a whole village to raise a child,” because the student-athletes need the city behind them to help promote their accomplishments to inspire them to do better more often.  We have adopted that proverb and thought of another statement of influence, “It takes the Community to Inspire Student-Athletes.”


The community is you, the reader of this website and you’ve already taken steps to get more information about how you can help because you clicked on this link.  Now that you have an interest in supporting education and sports, you should take time to turn your interest into action.  Volunteers are the backbone of any political campaign and this Scholastic Campaign is no different in our efforts to reach out to the community. 


So join us today and contact our office by email, telephone, or just stop by and offer your service to our cause to help the youth in education & sports.  We’re battling against an unseen adversary, lack of commitment.  You can join our struggle to eradicate ignorance and promote excellence by volunteering your time and expertise for the Opportunity Campaign.


What to expect:  We have a need for volunteers from various backgrounds, different economic status, and professional skills to promote the message of Opportunity for Student-Athletes.  Below you should complete the registration form to let us know your expertise or skill, there is sure to be a way you can help.  You can even get your company involved by inviting all your co-workers to volunteer or spread the word.  Once you fill-out the information below, we’ll contact you about upcoming events and the campaign needs.


What not to Expect: Our success is based on the efforts of our volunteers and their sense of empowerment to be inspirational for student-athletes throughout the county of Philadelphia.  Our volunteers have various tools to help get started in your neighborhood and your community by making an impact organizing and communicating together by logging on to My Opportunity Community.  So don’t just fill out this volunteer form and wait – let us know more about you, your likes, why you support education and sports, then lets work together to chip in!













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