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Every year for the past 10 years people always say they think that kids should have the opportunity to excel whether their from the suburbs or the inner city.  Just as important to equal rights among the people and equal opportunity employers and equal pay among women & men, its great to know people in the community want to see equal opportunity for student-athletes.


Below you'll see some pictures of influential people that genuinely support education and sports.  Some are pictures and some are videos.  We would like to have everyone be able to send us your support video by clicking on our YouTube link and send us your endorsement.  Its easy to do and takes less than 5 minutes of your time to show the student-athletes in the city of Philadelphia that you want them to know you support the opportunity campaign trying to inspire them academically as well as athletically to continue their athletic career into college.


Steps to submitting a video endorsement of the Opportunity Campaign.

Step 1

Must have a webcam or video capture on a digital camera or camcorder

Step 2

Be somewhere quiet and calm.  To avoid background noise, such as wind, radio, etc.

Step 3

Beginning of your script should start like this...

"My name is [blank] from [neighborhood] and I support the Opportunity for Student-Athletes Campaign.  Education & Sports are important because ......[your comments]"

Step 4

Make sure your video response is less than 60 seconds.

Step 5

Let us know you left us a video endorsement by emailing, opportunity@phillysportstc.com



Bernard Hopkins













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